Enthusiastic, warm-hearted and highly skilled – meet people of Mirror.

Peter Marcina

Bar Manager, the author of the concept

A day-dreamer with a vision. He inspires, creates and lives to the fullest. Thanks to his beloved dog Leo he spends much time in nature, his favourite place for relax. Peter’s best choice from the menu is impressive Cloud Atlas.

Lea Barobinová

Service Manager

Why gastronomy and Mirror bar? In gastronomy every day is different, bringing new experiences and new people. Reasons for Mirror bar: 1. Because it is beautiful every day to surprise guests with our service and make those day special. 2. We are the best team.

Lacko Fajin


A true team-player and a showman whose goal is to make you a better day. He appreciates the brotherhood of the bar community. His favourite is Marble, in which we enrich the wonderful taste of cognac with tones of coconut, corn flakes and Champagne.



Enjoying an adventurous cocktail experience he is determined to constantly improve on his path behind the bar.  He speaks with guests with ease and loves to pass his passion for cocktails on to them. The top cocktail? Umbakarna with a fascinating profile and beautiful service.

Ma Kso


This food and drink lover who has been working for Carlton hotel for 17 years flew to the new bar era smoothly and with elegance. To meet new people at work every day is what he admires most. Besides, he likes fantasy and nature, therefore Avalon perfectly represents his choice.

Romana Vodná


Why gastro and Mirror bar? „My favorite thing about Mirror Bar is that we follow our goal and concept, follow it and improve it. On the current bar scene in Bratislava and in Slovakia I admire the mutual approach of bartenders. We approach each other with respect. I enjoy the variety of this work and the fact that I experience something new every day. ”