and find magic.

Mirror Cocktail Bar with its memorable setting and exceptional drinks is truly a place for dreaming. We combine the tastes, scents and structures with respect to local resources and the environment. Paying tribute to the highest form of human endeavor – Art, honouring the power of Nature and representing classy hospitality, the Mirror Cocktail Bar epitomizes contemporary culinary and beverage world.

The Cocktail Menu feature the all-day (Classy) and evening (Art and Nature) cocktails. We are also delighted to propose a remarkable wines and spirits selection from distillers and vintners from around the world as well as of the local origin.

A Unique

World of Sensory Experiences.

The concept of the bar originated as a bold vision of the award-winning bar manager Peter Marcina. Together with his team he has built a fascinating, yet welcoming destination for cocktail lovers, Bratislava visitors and locals.

Admiring the alchemy of cocktail preparation, each served cocktail has a refined flavor composition and is served in the original service.



A twist on timeless classics. Gin Fizz, Sazerac or Negroni served in a moderm, minimalist design.



Visually remarkable, served in custom designed glasses, Art Cocktails are the gallery of the Mirror Bar selection.



Served in stunning botanical arrangements, Nature cocktails bring sensory experience,  honouring the vitality and inspirational power of the Nature.