Ketel One

Hydrophonic Garden

A Ketel One Contest project by Peter Marcina, winner of Slovak round of World Class 2021.

Community and teamwork are the essential pillars of humanity and progress in society. Last months Gastrocommunity has experienced one of the worst periods ever. This project is dedicated to it.

Be frank bartenders, how often do you have to return herbs to your supplier? Bunch of rotten mint, deciduous rosemary, and what if you run out of them completely? Surely many of us dream of growing our own great quality herbs we could be proud of. However, there are usually no resources for it.

The aim of this project is to help the entire Gastrocommunity by building a community place where we can cultivate plants, meet and inspire each other.

On site you can enjoy perfect cocktail from Ketel One, which serves as a key supporter of the  project. Drinks are served in recycled cans, one of the best choices for a take-away drink. The bar is open to anyone who wants to support gastronomy. The garden is fully self-sustaining thanks to sources recieved from drink selling, centrally located and accessible 24/7. Most importantly, all the herbs are available for bartenders for free.

The garden and cultivation will be taken care of by – a bio-dynamic farmers’ community run by Michal & Eliška.

The last question remains, what about all the remaining glass from used bottles and broken glass in bars? We will give it to our glassmaker, who will take care of the recycling. The glass will be re-melted resulting in beautifully shaped recycled glasses, designed by, the best glass designer in Slovakia.

Bloody Mary

Espresso Martini

Dutch Mule

Vodka Tonic